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Music Matters to Residents at Villa Pueblo!


Music Matters! Villa Pueblo Seniors Looking Forward to Upcoming Pueblo Symphony Orchestra Concert Series

[Pueblo, CO, Nov 2, 2013] – Studies show that listening to music can positively impact memory, mood and focus and can even help to lower heart rate, blood pressure and relieve pain. Music has the power to move us to tears, laughter, and some would say, even love. It is their love of music that inspires the residents at Villa Pueblo to eagerly await the upcoming Pueblo Symphony Orchestra concert series performances.

“Music matters” said Dorothea DeTurk, a resident at Villa Pueblo Senior Living Community and she would certainly know. Dorothea joined the Pueblo Symphony in 1958 and was a first chair violinist for many years. She played with the symphony until 2007 and credits Frances Weaver and Ann Leach for bringing the symphony to Villa Pueblo -“Both Fran and Ann had a deep appreciation of the arts and passion for music. It was through their hard work and collaboration with the Pueblo Symphony that we are able to enjoy these performances today.”

The Pueblo Symphony Orchestra will be providing performances to the Villa Pueblo residents and their guests as part of an outreach concert series program. The planned events are as follows:

  • Friday, November 8, Michelangelo Lenteni, violin and Dr. J Michael Beck, Piano
  • Friday, December 6, Pueblo Symphony Brass Ensemble
  • Friday, January 31, Joshua Baum, Lily Zhang, Soprano, Dr. J Michael Beck, Piano

The residents could not be more excited about the planned performances. Chrissy Swanson, executive director stated, “The concerts are definitely a favorite for our residents. It is hosted in the lobby and is always very well attended.” When Dorothea was asked how she feels about the upcoming performances she responded, “Hearing the symphony is like coming home.”

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